Hatha Yoga

Refers to a set of physical exercises (known as asanas or postures), and sequences of asanas designed to align your skin, muscles and bones. The postures are also designed to open the many channels of the body - especially the main channel, the spine - so that energy can flow freely. In Hatha Yoga we practice the Asanas, Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation. After a Hatha Yoga class you will feel energized yet very calm. Just the perfect balance!

Level: Anyone can practice Hatha yoga because all poses have different variations to choose from.

Hatha Yoga - Lunchtime

45 min of Hatha Flow Yoga, in this class we move from pose to pose in sync with the breath, this is what my teacher calls meditation in motion. These classes include postures, pranayama and meditation. You will leave the class feeling energized, alert and ready to get the most out of your day!

Gentle & Restorative Yoga

As the name implies it, this is a gentle hatha yoga class, this practice can support you to regain range of motion and balance. A gentle class can also help you to deal with injuries, chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue and much more. With the help of yoga props, such as bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps, etc. You will be able to practice with ease and support your body while you reach deep levels of relaxation, clearing the mind and recharging your energy!

Realignment Yoga

Very often chronic pain and injury is the result of misalignment in the body. These classes are designed to take your body through a full range of motion and in the process show you where you may have begun to lose mobility. Gentle postural exercises practiced mindfully may begin to bring the student back into alignment, increasing mobility and reducing pain.

Yang Yoga

It focuses on dynamic muscle stretching and strengthening postures, which maintain healthy muscle function, flexibility and strength; protecting joints while balancing strength with relaxation. This practice allows us to drop from our head to our heart, increases fluid content in the tissues and it helps to develop an alert focus to the deeper breathing patern. Yang postures are not held as long as Yin.

Yin Yoga Slow Flow

Essentially it's longer held poses in a passive way, softening the muscles, and stretching the fascia, ligaments and tendons.
Each pose works different meridian lines in the body, where prana/chi flows. (Meridian lines are water rich channel paths that flow in the body through the connective tissues). It is fundamental to keep a balance of prana/chi in order to maintain the equilibrium of our body and mind. This class incorporates Yin Yoga in a slow flow fashion. Yin and Yang go together like light and dark, we can not have one without the other. Our themes are more dominant Yin, but always include some movement. Occasionally we include more Yang depending on intention of the practice. Yin and Yang are both relative to a healthy practice overall. All classes involve pranayama techniques and meditation practices.