What is Meditation?


I can still recall the days when I misleadingly used the word Meditation to express the action of giving a deep thought about a particular matter, I was shocked to learn that Meditation was actually the opposite of what I once thought it was a “thinking practice”, it took me a while to understand that we meditate to stop the waves of thoughts, especially the ones draining our energy and stealing our peace of mind.
In other words, Meditation is the practice that aims to help the meditator to control his mind and thoughts by consciously focusing the attention in something internal or external; for example, the Breath, a Mantra, Visualizations, Body Sensations, Noise, etc.
If right now you are thinking that Meditation sounds too complicated, let me tell you that anyone can meditate; in fact, unconsciously you have already done it, as we all are natural meditators. One can reach a meditative state by simply engaging in any activity with full attention allowing us to be present in the here and now; for instance, knitting, walking / running, praying, etc.
It is not about acting on a pilot mode; rather, it is all about being fully aware of the present moment.
There are many different techniques of Meditation, some are easier than others depending on One’s preference, I recommend to you to try different styles until you find the right one for you, all styles of Meditation are equally valuable so don’t be afraid of picking the wrong one.



Why to meditate?


Meditation can help to improve different aspects of One's life; for example, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

To mention some of the benefits Meditation can offer:

Mentally, One can notice improvement in memory, focus, creativity, problem solving, stress management, relaxation, peace of mind, clear and positive thinking, etc. It also prevents mental clutter. 

Emotionally, the meditator can expect to experience, better mood, harmony, willingness to let go of painful emotions such as grief, anger, fear, jealousy, envy, self-doubt, etc.

Meditation promotes a sense of inner peace and well being; hence, the individual feels blissful.

Physically, along with medical treatment, Meditation can help to alleviate headaches, muscular tension, stress-related pain and illness such as Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, etc.

Note: under any circumstance Meditation replaces Medical treatment, always consult your physician. 

Spiritually, when One meditates from a place of faith and with the firm intention to connect with The Universal Wisdom that resides within, also called Higher-Self or Mystical Power, the meditator gets a sense of oneness with The Universe. There is no more fear nor there is pain after unlocking the secrets of One's own being. Self-realization nourishes One's spirit.

To conclude, if you think you could use more energy, relaxation and joy, you might want to try Meditation and change your life today!