Postural Alignment Therapy

Postural Alignment Therapy

Very often chronic pain and injury is the result of misalignment in the body. 

These sessions are specifically tailored to your needs, gentle postural exercises practiced mindfully may begin to bring you back into alignment, increasing mobility and reducing pain. 

"Chronic musculoskeletal pain is symptomatic not of advancing and accumulating years, but of advancing and accumulating dysfunctions."

 ~ Pete Egoscue, Founder of the Egoscue Method


Please wear light-colored, workout-type clothing.
You will practice barefoot or sport shoes. (Please bring indoor sport shoes when coming to the studio).
Your therapist will want to see your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles as best they can.
For women, please wear a tank top or a sports bra,.
For men, please wear a t-shirt and shorts. 


Your first appointment will include:
Discussing your symptoms, current struggles, and ultimate goals with your therapist.
Postural photos (photos will be updated throughout the process to document postural changes).
Postural analysis and discussion of compensations and dysfunctions that are causing your pain.
Functional testing.
Gait analysis.
Execution of your “menu” of tailored Exercises, designed to restore function to your body and eliminate pain.
A printout of this menu.


You will continue to do your exercises daily in your own home.You can contact us through phone or email if any questions or concerns arise.
We will suggest the desired amount of time between appointments. It’s important that we see you to update your menu as your posture changes.

  • First session is 90 minutes,  it includes: poture assessment, gait analysis, corrective exercise menu practice and assistance.
  • The following sessions are 60 minutes long and include posture assessment, gait analysis, menu review and menu revision.


Please contact us to book your next appointment.